Pre-Doctoral Fellow • NYU • Molecular & Genetic Toxicology

Alexandra B. Muñoz:

NSF Pre-Doctoral Fellow in Molecular and Genetic Toxicology
New York University Medical Center
Department of Environmental Medicine

In recognition that we live in a world full of invisible toxins and that these exposures influence our quality of life, the trajectory of our diseases, and the biogeochemical cycles that govern our environment, Alexandra is committed to bringing increased awareness to this overlooked global issue and to reducing exposures.

Alexandra currently studies the intracellular and epigenetic effects of heavy metals in the Costa Laboratory at New York University Medical Center as an NSF pre-doctoral fellow. Her research focuses on evaluating the effects of toxic insults through the analysis of microarray gene expression data using R. She has experience analyzing data from in vitro systems with bronchial epithelial cells as well as from in vivo systems where humans have been exposed to toxins.

Alexandra also has a strong interest in food contact materials (FCM) and the toxicological assays used to evaluate them. In addition, she is interested in the presence of endocrine disrupting chemicals due to their widespread contamination and potent physiologic impacts at low doses.

With a background in writing from Harvard University and her current training in Molecular and Genetic Toxicology at New York University Medical Center, Alexandra possesses a unique combination of skills that may be useful for writing and other translational projects. Alexandra is strongly committed to improving public health and hopes to work widely with scientists, doctors, and industrial manufacturers. She welcomes any form of professional contact.